Palazzo: Jobs top issue for area

“Jobs, jobs and jobs,” Palazzo said during a town hall meeting Tuesday morning in downtown Hattiesburg. About 50 people gathered at the Jackie Dole Sherrill Community Center for the event.

“That’s what I hear the most, any where I go, ‘Steven, what are we going to do to get Congress out of the way for job creation, for America and for our state?'”

Palazzo’s answer – and part of a platform that helped him defeat long-time incumbent Congressman Gene Taylor in 2010 – would be the loosening of federal regulations.

“If you ask any small business out here, right now, what’s the No. 1 job obstacle, they’re going to say that regulations are just killing them,” Palazzo said. “Small businesses already have it tough in good economic times. And with all the uncertainty emanating from Congress over regulations and taxes, they’ll say, ‘Listen, it’s hard to compete,’ and those are our job creators.

“We’ve got to make it easy for them to go out and do what they do best, create jobs.”

And Palazzo said more regulations will be forthcoming as the federal “Affordable Care Act” comes on line in 2014.

Hattiesburg American