Congressman Travis Childers Works to Restore Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability

Congressman Travis Childers worked to restore fiscal responsibility and accountability this week, cosponsoring important legislation to reinstate pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) spending rules. The fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, of which Congressman Childers is a member, unveiled H.R. 2116, the “Fiscal Honesty and Accountability Act of 2009,” a measure that would strengthen Congress’ commitment to fiscal responsibility and accountability by reinstituting PAYGO and requiring both the House and Senate to abide by these rules.

“Hard working North Mississippians have to use a balanced budget on a daily basis to make ends meet, and the federal government should operate no differently,” said Congressman Childers.

“Our current spending is unsustainable and a burden to future generations. Additionally, our indebtedness to foreign countries puts America’s national security at risk. It’s time for our government to restore fiscal responsibility, reduce the deficit and international debt, and return to a balanced budget. I’m proud to support the Fiscal Honesty and Accountability Act of 2009 to reinstitute PAYGO rules and help get Congress’ spending back on track.”

The Congressman reaffirmed his support of a balanced budget with a “no” vote on the Budget Conference Report yesterday.

Travis Childers Press Release