On Tuesday, and in rather out-of-the-blue fashion, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel marshaled all of his Jones County voters to endorse the opponent of US Senator John McCain via a Breitbart story. Breitbart, if you’ll remember, from the 2014 US Senate campaign that McDaniel lost, served as the media henchman and was the “bad guy” in on-demand fashion to push all of the rumors about Senator Cochran to get them into the public discussion. Glen Beck’s now nearly defunct Blaze network was part of that same echo chamber as well.

Also, from the Y’allPolitics Memory Division, note that McCain endorsed Thad Cochran over McDaniel. But McDaniel truly got the last laugh when he scored AM radio’s chief hawker of breath mints and pain patches, Chuck Woolery, as a key political grab.

Not surprisingly, a day after McDaniel’s endorsement of McCain’s opponent (we are quite sure McCain was devastated), his former campaign manager Noel Fritsch was quoted as a “GOP strategist” in a Blaze article about the McCain/Ward race in Arizona.

Y’allPolitics doesn’t subscribe to political coincidences, particularly with this crew. Y’allPolitics and others repeatedly described their efforts as “astroturf”, and it’s hard not to believe that this is just another example of a small cabal of purity-for-profit political pirates desperate for the limelight, yet incapable of achieving it in real life. McCain may or may not lose his US Senate race, but it won’t have a thing to do with McDaniel’s endorsement or Fritsch’s faux-punditry.