A few details about the case. It was filed in Hinds County Chancery Court.

Local litigator Brent Hazzard signed a contingency agreement with Attorney General Jim Hood for the Microsoft case.

Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP & Susman Godfrey were associated by Hazzard for the case. The Boies Law Firm features David Boies, who was Al Gore’s attorney in the unsuccessful 2000 recount in Florida.

Jim Southwick of the Susman Godrey firm worked on the case

State of Mississippi, Jim Hood ex rel. v. Microsoft
Southwick currently represents the Mississippi Attorney General, the Honorable Jim Hood, in an action against Microsoft alleging the software maker violated Mississippi’s Consumer Protection Act and Antitrust laws through its actions in the operating systems and office applications markets. The case is currently pending in the Chancery Court for Hinds County, in Jackson, Mississippi and is scheduled for trial on the operating systems claims in November 2009.

Finally, an interesting tidbit from Boies himself from the YallPolitics Memory Division

David, you defended Georgia-Pacific in the Dioxin cases in Mississippi. There’s been a lot of news of alleged corruption down there recently. What’s going on?

Boies: I’ve tried some cases before Mississippi state court judges who were just great, and I’ve also tried cases in front of Mississippi judges who were just terrible. There is undoubtedly some real corruption – where a judge does something for money or favors. But I think that is a very small problem in Mississippi, and a tiny problem in most places. The bigger problem is where judges do things because they know the people, because they like the people, because they’re comfortable with the people. That’s a much more difficult thing to get your arms around, partly because its human nature. And the problem’s not unique to Mississippi.

How is all of this going to impact Dickie Scruggs?

Boies: I don’t know enough about it. But the one thing you can say is that whenever you get that many people involved in making accusations there’s going to be serious problems. That’s not a good place to be.