Conversation with James Laurinaitis – Ohio State linebacker

CFN: With all the attention you receive and all the interviews you have to do, are you used to it all yet?

James Laurinaitis: It’s just part of the job, really. If you come to Ohio State, and if you become a big-time player, you have to expect that you’re going to have to do lots and lots of interviews and that you’re always going to be in the spotlight. Sometimes you wish you could just go home, but you know what you’re getting into when you come here.
CFN: Considering you weren’t exactly a five-star, can’t-miss recruit, you couldn’t have really prepared for this.
JL: Not at all. I looked at my goal sheet from my freshman year and my hope was to make the All-Big Ten team as a senior. I never expected to do anything more than that before then considering how many great players are here. I wasn’t really prepared for this at all, and I wasn’t expecting it.
CFN: How much does having a father like yours prepare you for the media, and what’s the best thing you’ve learned from him as it applies to football?