Exerts from the AP article linked below:

…While county school boards are elected, many municipal school boards, including Corinth, are not, and the Board of Aldermen wants to keep it that way. The board recently passed a resolution opposing any bills in the 2014 Legislature that would mandate elected school boards.

“We’ve got a system that has worked well for us and, as I see it, will continue to work well,” said Ward 1 Alderman Andrew Labas.

…House Bill 443, which would require the election of all school board members and establish a term of office of four years for all school board members, is pending before the House Education Committee. District 2 Rep. Nick Bain (D-Corinth) said he has two amendments prepared – one that would specifically exempt Corinth from the law and another that would make the elected system optional in top-rated school districts. County school board members currently serve six-year terms. Corinth’s school trustees serve five-year terms.

Labas said electing school board members would politicize the school board and possibly dilute the diversity of the board…

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