Cory Wilson for House District 66

October 1, 2007

Campaign Update #11

Community Leaders Join the Wilson Wagon.

Today, Cory Wilson’s campaign introduced a new radio ad that showcases some of the community support that has been building behind Cory’s effort to bring new leadership to the House of Representatives. To hear the spot, you can follow this link: or visit to hear all of Cory’s spots.

Speaker’s Race: Where does Cecil Stand?

The most important vote our next Representative will cast is for the Speaker of the House. Our Representative may determine the next Speaker—the race is that close. A column from Sunday’s paper summed up the choice:

“The current race for … Speaker of the House is … between the incumbent, Rep. Billy McCoy, whose base of support is the liberal side of the Democrats and the challenger, Rep. Jeff Smith, whose base of support is the moderate and conservative Democrats and the conservative Republicans. The current leadership of the House does not represent that conservative background.” — Democratic Rep. Sid Bondurant, Grenada.

For the whole article, follow this link:

Cecil Brown has not said much about who he’ll support. He doesn’t have to— it may surprise folks in the District, but our current Representative’s record is decidedly in the liberal McCoy camp. In fact, our Representative votes with Speaker McCoy more than any other member of the House, except for McCoy’s hand-picked Speaker Pro Tempore. Our current Representative has been Speaker McCoy’s chief lieutenant in vocally opposing Governor Barbour’s leadership. If given the chance, he will keep voting with Speaker McCoy. By contrast, Cory Wilson knows that the choice for Speaker is a choice between “politics as usual” and new leadership to move Mississippi forward. Plain and simple, Cory Wilson will vote with conservatives and moderate Democrats for a new Speaker who will work to capture Mississippi’s moment in history.

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