Cory Wilson for House District 66
November 2, 2007
Campaign Update #17

Cory Wilson: Talking about Ideas and New Leadership
Cory’s Opponent: Saying Anything to Win

As the campaign enters its final days, Cory continues to work hard to bring new, progressive leadership to the House. Cory is the candidate who will vote for a new Speaker who will govern from the middle, not bog us down in partisanship. Cory is the candidate who will work to bring economic growth instead of voting anti-business. Cory will be visiting with voters through Election Day about his ideas for fighting crime, for lowering and reforming our taxes, and for capitalizing on Mississippi’s moment in history.

Cory’s opponent is “proud to be close” to Speaker McCoy. And, from the candidate who said that passing tort reform was a “bitter experience,” we’re now seeing that same tone from his campaign in the form of negative personal attacks. When an incumbent will say anything to change the subject from his record, you know there is a reason. Of course, the false attacks from Cory’s opponent just emphasize how much we need new leadership in the House.

Well, Cory is going to keep talking about issues and ideas, and keep walking door to door, working hard to bring the change we need. The Wilsons have been potty training their son Webb. Turns out to be good training for what we’re hearing from Cory’s opponent. He can’t throw out anything worse than what the Wilsons face at bath time with a three-year old! Thankfully, we’re about to be finished with both the potty training, and politics as usual in the House.

Cory Wilson Campaign Release