CottomMouth continues campaign on ‘Arizona-style’ Immigration bill

We’ve written before about the fallout on local governments as a result of the language in SB 2179, known as the “Arizona-style” immigration legislation the Mississippi Senate passed on Tuesday. The Mississippi Municipal League, as well as the associations for the sheriffs an the police chiefs, have all voiced opposition to the legislation as is. Let’s look at why.

To begin with, none of those associations are against cracking down on illegal immigration, and they’ve said as much. The devil, as always, is in the details. And the details of SB 2179 are devilish indeed. For instance, the bill would require local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law, something which they are not trained to do. Well, that’s no big deal, right? Anyone can go get trained, can’t they? Well, this bill provides no funding for training, nor for the time off to attend it. What happens when there’s no training? Mistakes are made, civil rights are violated, and lawsuits get filed.