First Shots of Civil War Begin

Over the weekend, the Marshall County Republican Executive Committee fired the first shots in the political civil war within the Mississippi Republican Party.

Marshall County Republicans have condemned Mississippi’s longtime Senator Thad Cochran for being what they view as not sufficiently Tea Party. This is the first instance I’m aware of of a county political party taking such action.

Keep in mind that Cochran is Mississippi’s first statewide elected Republican official since Reconstruction. That’s nothing to scoff at. It is no coincidence that this resolution was issued while rumors are circulating that a leading member of the Tea Party Senate Conservative Coalition is mulling a primary challenge to Cochran.

In 2008, Cochran lost Marshall County by roughly 1,400 votes to his Democratic challenger. He received 100 fewer votes in the county than his Republican colleague, Roger Wicker, who was running in a special election, and got about 3,700 less votes less than then-Congressman Travis Childers. At the end of the day, losing the faith of Marshall County Republicans isn’t likely to have Cochran losing any sleep.