The vote on the beer bill: See how they voted

FOR (67)

Alday, Aldridge, Bailey, Baria, Barker, Barton, Bennett, Blackmon,
Broomfield, Brown (66th), Buck (5th), Buck (72nd), Burnett, Busby, Calhoun,
Carpenter, Clarke, Cockerham, Coleman (29th), Coleman (65th), Crawford,
DeBar, DeLano, Dickson, Eure, Evans (70th), Evans (43rd), Flaggs, Frierson,
Gibbs, Guice, Haney, Harrison, Hines, Holland, Hood, Horan, Johnson, Lamar,
Martinson, Mayo, McGee, McLeod, Mettetal, Middleton, Moak, Myers, Nelson,
Oberhousen, Patterson, Perkins, Read, Shows, Smith (27th), Smith (39th),
Snowden, Staples, Thomas, Upshaw, Watson, White, Whittington, WilliamsBarnes, Woods, Young, Zuber, Mr. Speaker.