Cottonmouth – Rep. Cecil Brown knocks it out of the park in Medicaid expansion editorial

In today’s Clarion-Ledger, Rep. Cecil Brown (D – Jackson) makes the case for Medicaid expansion. In doing so, he compares the projected costs and benefits of the recent Yokohama tire plant economic package passed nearly unanimously by the Legislature to the projected costs and benefits of Medicaid expansion, which is mired in partisan bickering and gubernatorial grandstanding.

With respect to the Yokohama facility, Rep. Brown writes:

The math is pretty simple. In the short run, the state will spend $70 million to create 500 jobs, a cost of $140,000 per job. Over time, the state will spend $130 million for 2,000 jobs, $65,000 per job. Not cheap, but in line with similar projects. This project is the latest in a long line of “economic development” projects that the state has helped fund with taxpayer dollars. Other states do the same.