The last few days after a crushing election defeat (including an unsuccesful attempt to thwart the will of voters in House 111), CottonMouth as the last remaining liberal political blogging voice in MS has been focusing an obsessive series of posts on the new Speaker-elect Philip Gunn.

Here’s one about Gunn seeking to unite the House with Black Caucus support.

Here’s one about Gunn’s support of a bill banning speculative placing of non-human DNA into embryos for research.

Here’s one about Gunn’s support about strengthening marraige.

All of that’s well and good. But if I were the last liberal political blog in MS, first I’d take a moment to explore why that is. Maybe, just maybe, it’s that the Democratic party is wholly out of step with voters on policy and personality. Second, I’d start figuring out how to take my party from the wasteland it has become and figuring out why it is still run by Jamie Franks, who is plagued by elective political failure and personal scandal, who has led his party to historic, 100-year lows. Looking inward and trying to throw out the old and how to promote the new might be a more pragmatic approach because if the wrong person takes over for Franks, whose tenure as party chair will likely be over soon, it will get worse and not better for Democrats in Mississippi. If that’s not fixed quickly, look for more posts like this one excoriating yet more party switchers from D to R.

Just a thought.