Will the MS-01 GOP Primary get bloody?

Tupelo is the base area for Childers. If Travis loses badly in the Tupelo area his chances diminish rapidly. Anyone who followed the 2008 race knows how big this dynamic is. The Republicans are willing to run an inadequate candidate for Congress in the race just to possibly win a seat back. Let there be no doubt Nunnalee will be a puppet on a string for the Republican leadership. (it looks they are all are based on the Frum article)

What is interesting is the upstart primary challenge from Fox Newsie Angela McGlowan. McGlowan is a proud teabagger, challenging Nunnelee on his conservative credentials. She has gone as far as suggesting to privatize Social Security, a wingnut’s nirvana. This could get interesting in North Mississippi, much to the chagrin of the national GOP leadership.

Cotton Mouth