Could Big Ten expansion affect Broncos?

Conference expansion has become a hot topic in the last few days with Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany being tasked to look for a 12th team.

The evaluation period will take 12-18 months, at which point, the conference will either pursue a specific school or hold off expanding.

On the West Coast, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott told that “expansion is something we will take a look at.”

Expanding a conference is easier said than done. Many schools have natural rivalries and are comfortable in their big-money conferences. Some don’t want to part with the revenue that they would have to share with a new school.

There are a few scenarios, as hypothetical as they may be, that could trickle down to Boise State. Here are a few:

Big Ten adds Missouri. The Tigers have been in the Big 8 and Big 12 since the inception of those conferences and have a big rivalry with Big 12 foe Kansas. However, Missouri would work well geographically with the Big Ten. Should they leave, it would likely prompt the Big 12 to take a team like TCU or BYU and could open up a Mountain West slot for Boise State.

Pac-10 adds Colorado and Utah. The Pac-10 could become a 12-team conference, adding a lucrative conference championship game. The conference would seek out teams from large markets like Colorado (Denver) and Utah (Salt Lake City). That could mean a Mountain West opening for Boise State. The Pac-10 could look into adding the Broncos instead of a Utah school, preserving the Utah-BYU rivalry.