Cowboys keeping Wade Phillips?

The Dallas Cowboys fell short of making it all the way to the Super Bowl yet again. The team hasn’t been to the Big Dance since 1995 and hadn’t won a playoff game before this season since 1996. So head coach Wade Phillips had some success, right?
Well, that depends on who you’re talking to. While owner Jerry Jones is saying that the 34-3 blowout loss against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday won’t take away from the successful season Phillips had, the owner is also not saying what the chances are that Phillips will be back, according tot he Dallas Morning News. Phillips is in the last year of his contract and has a team option for next year.
The two are supposed to sit down today and talk about what happened this year and what lies ahead. “I’ll be sitting down with Wade and then we can kind of address it squarely, that’s what I would like to do,” Jones told the paper. “But I’m pleased with the job he’s done and this game does not have any bearing ultimately on the decision I’ll make.
Jones apparently likes his current team more than the one he ended the season with last year and said that he would like the team to have some continuity. So that is working for Phillips. The general consensus seems to be that Jones will pick up the option for Phillips.