Mississippi GOP Primary Sparks a Little Spat

At a meeting two weeks ago to discuss the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns” program, Rep. Geoff Davis offered what he said was a “minor observation” regarding how the committee should proceed in terms of involvement in Mississippi’s 1st district GOP primary.

“I simply cautioned that with a potential contested primary, with a new candidate coming in, we might want to give some time to see how the situation develops,” said Davis, who is helping in the NRCC’s recruiting efforts this cycle.

That new GOP candidate is Fox News political commentator Angela McGlowan, who met with Davis about a bid against Democratic incumbent Travis Childers and is now set to join the GOP field as soon as next week.

But Davis’ comment has irked some Mississippi and Capitol Hill GOP operatives, who believe the party has already found it’s best possible candidate in state Sen. Alan Nunnelee.

“When there’s such a prime opportunity to take out a Democratic incumbent, I don’t see the logic of Geoff Davis going out there and being supportive of anybody other than the guy who has already gone out there and outraised and outworked the incumbent,” said one source familiar with Mississippi politics.

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