CRAWDADDY: If you were an ex-governor’s son, would you take the fall for this woman?

When a fellow repeatedly punches a total stranger in the face for saying something complimentary about the aggressor’s wife, the smart money would be on refraining from further comments about the wife.

So, let’s talk about Haley Reeves Barbour Jr.’s wife. Jackson Jambalaya reports today that she is the former Jennifer Fox and has a smartphone photo and several links to prove it. Too bad three out of four links provided by his legion of commenters are blocked by my company’s internet filter….

…There is one fully clothed photo there the led one friend to exclaim: “That’s right by our office.”

For Barbour Jr.’s part, he is after all, only charged with aggravated assault in the incident early Friday at a D.C. watering hole and awaits a court appearance.