Gov. Bryant’s teacher ed standards are in dispute

Gov. Phil Bryant ruffled feathers when he dinged the IHL Board for not supporting his new teacher education entrance standards.

“That was quite a tantrum Gov. Phil Bryant pitched at the College Board recently, criticizing its members for voicing concerns about his effort to increase standards for education majors,” read an editorial in the McComb Enterprise-Journal. “Bryant’s snide remarks to the board were undignified at best.”

Bryant had a cordial dinner with board members the night before, leaving them to believe he was satisfied with a compromise proposed by IHL Commissioner Hank Bounds. Apparently, that was not the case. The Associated Press reported Bryant addressed the board and, when it failed to agree with him, snapped, “We’ll make sure we keep those standards low.”

Bryant proposed embedding into state law entry level requirements for teacher education programs. He wants future teachers to have a 21 score on the ACT and a 3.0 GPA on first and second year college courses.

Bill Crawford