BILL CRAWFORD: Can Trumpism wean GOP from big money ideas?

Anger and frustration drive the voters who will support Donald Trump come whatever.

What I hear: It’s about time somebody was willing to stick it to those (bad word) in Washington. And to Wall Street too. Those (bad word) in China and Mexico who steal our jobs need a lesson they won’t forget. Those (bad word) in the Middle East better watch out too. We aren’t gonna take their (bad word) any more. And liberals be (bad word), people willing to work and fight for this country are gonna be better off. (Bad words), America is gonna be great again!

It’s a popular message. Lots of folk feel this discontent, Trump folk to a great extent. Certainly, the message is a simple take on an ever more complex world, but it’s howling across America. More of the same from the same old politicians is unacceptable.

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