BILL CRAWFORD: Harper perturbed by Freedom Caucus actions

The disorder in the U.S. House of Representatives even caused Mississippi’s calm Congressman Gregg Harper to become perturbed.

Harper “expressed irritation with the House Freedom Caucus,” reported The Clarion-Ledger, after the caucus failed to support California Congressman Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

“We should move forward methodically and select someone who can unite 247 Republicans in order to battle this liberal president and not each other,’’ the 3rd District congressman told the newspaper. Harper also said he was proud to live in a state “where our people have common sense and are not misled by outside groups whose purpose is to raise money.”

Three days later Harper told The Meridian Star that the caucus had foolishly tried to derail the temporary funding bill that kept government from closing down on September 30.

“They wanted to stop it because of Planned Parenthood, but they had no real answer in how to go forward,” Harper said. “Secondly, the top Pro Life organization is National Right to Life and they said that this tactic would have set our movement back decades.”

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