BILL CRAWFORD: Despite speculation, funding for Kemper plant likely

The Associated Press story said: “Brown’s election makes it likely that returning commissioner Brandon Presley, a Nettleton Democrat, will become the commission’s president. Presley has been a consistent critic of the Kemper plant.”

Despite the speculation, all is not doom and gloom for Mississippi Power Company.

Last week, the Public Utilities Staff, which operates independently from the commission, announced it reached an agreement with the company to cut its pending rate increase request from 18 percent to 15 percent. “Staff recommendations are highly influential,” outgoing Commissioner Steve Renfroe told the Associated Press.

And, Commissioner Presley seems to have toned down his utter opposition to the plant…

…The compromise with the utilities staff along with Presley’s comments suggests a way will be found to provide adequate funding for the plant after it comes online next spring.

Daily Journal