BILL CRAWFORD — Most 12th graders are not college or career ready

A look at “The National Report Card” for 2015 produced by the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) shows just 25% of U.S. 12th graders scored proficient or higher in math and just 37% in reading.

Andrew Ho, a measurement expert at the Harvard Graduate School of Education who sits on NAEP’s bipartisan governing board, told NPR’s Anya Kamenetz these scores reveal “under 40% of students score at college and career ready levels.” What “college and career ready” means is that students will be able to succeed in doing college-level academics, or, with on-the-job training, succeed in a career position requiring only a high school diploma.

Ho’s 40% applies to 12th graders nationwide. While no Mississippi 12th grade results were published by NAEP, our students scored well below the national average on NAEP 8th grade math and reading tests. Extrapolating the 8th grade scores to 12th graders indicates less than 30% of Mississippi’s graduating seniors may be college or career ready.