BILL CRAWFORD: Mississippi needs more private sector jobs

Of employed Mississippi civilians age 16 and over, 17.9 percent were local, state, and national government workers compared to 13.6 percent nationally.

Of Mississippians age 18 to 64 with jobs, 15.8 percent had no health insurance coverage compared to 11.6 percent nationally. Of those without jobs, 44.7 percent had no insurance versus 28.5 percent nationally.

All these statistics result in large part from our low workforce participation and job growth rates. Just 58.9 percent of Mississippians age 16 and up participate in the workforce compared to 63.9 percent nationally, and, since 2010, private sector jobs in Mississippi grew just 7.3 percent versus 13.6 percent nationally.

To get off the bottom we should avoid foolish criticism and man up to reality. We need more private sector jobs with benefits and more Mississippians working.

Daily Journal