BILL CRAWFORD — Christian behavior lacking in too many Republicans

The clean-up hitter for these unChristian behaving Republicans is presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. The Bible is “incredible” and his favorite book says Trump. Yet with every other breath he unashamedly utters some new message of hate, fear, intolerance, or mud-slinging. On deck would be Ted Cruz who somehow appeals to evangelicals but has his own mud pile of fear-based and hateful messages. He seems to have never met another Republican he couldn’t tear down.

They, and too many other would be Republican sluggers, seem intent to hustle us to an unfaithful, joyless Mudville.

Thank goodness for Christmas and the joy it can bring us when we fervently celebrate our faith and not muddy politics. Indeed, that amazing joy would stick with us year round if we would stick with the Bible’s teachings.