BILL CRAWFORD — Left-out Eaton Would Make Democrats the Left-out Party

Seating Tullos will make Democrats the left-out party when it comes to running state government. Their last vestige of strength was the ability to block revenue, tax, and bond bills in the House. Seating Tullos will give Republicans a 74 to 48 majority in the House. Coupled with their existing majority of 32 to 20 in the Senate, Republicans will have over the 60% super majority required to pass revenue, tax, and bond bills. (The Public Service Commission Democrats now dominate has little to do with running state government.)

Probably left-out is Republican Senator and Tea Party favorite Melanie Sojourner. She is contesting her loss to former Sen. Bob Dearing. Even if she fails, the Republican majority in the Senate will remain 32 to 20.


BILL CRAWFORD — Left-out Eaton Would Make Democrats the Left-out Party