Crisp Blog – Expect more from AG’s race with primary over

Now that the primary is over (except for those runoffs, of course), you can expect to see more from the race between Jim Hood, the Democrat who has served as attorney general since 2004, and his GOP challenger Steve Simpson.

Simpson announced today that he has challenged Hood to a series of four debates — one each month leading up to the election in one of the state’s four Congressional Districts.

UPDATE: I just received a response from Hood’s campaign on the debate request. Here’s what Hood campaign manager Jonathan Compretta says:

“We have committed to debate Mr. Simpson at the Stennis Institute’s Capitol Press Club Luncheon this fall. We hope he will accept the invitation. Attorney General Hood believes this is the best forum to discuss the issues. While Mr. Simpson may have the time to attend multiple political debates, the Attorney General understands that he can better spend his time working to protect the citizens he serves.”