Critics are Calling on Miss Lawmakers to Repeal Common Core

Critics of the Common Core education standards are calling on Mississippi law-makers to repeal the implementation of the program. MPB’s Paul Boger reports some believe the test-based initiative does not work.

Sandra Stotsky was on the committee that verified the standards in the Common Core initiative in 2009, but now she is one of the programs biggest critics. She says Common Core Standards were not developed by educators.

“Instead of either teachers or academic experts we now had a different group of people developing standards, testing experts.” said Stotsky. “People came from companies that would actually make a lot of money, eventually. By the standards they created and by the test that would be based on those standards.”

Those test-centered standards are part of the reason some Mississippians believe Common Core should be repealed. State Senator Michael Watson from Pascagoula says we should follow the example of other states.