Well, of course he does. But it could involve some wrinkles. MSU coach Sylvester Croom said today that he will plan on getting another player – who he wouldn’t name – involved in the offense this week. He also said he’s been wanting to utilize third-string quarterback Chris Relf in some manner. I’m assuming Relf is not the aforementioned unnamed player. Any guesses?

Anyway, some Croom quotes from today’s press conference:

• On that mystery player: “We do have one more guy that we may insert into a package to try and see if we can get something from him. But of course you’re not going to get his name.”

• On Relf: “I’ve thought about him all season long, but he’s not ready to play – except on a limited basis. There may be a point where I just may insert him in. … For the last three weeks, we’ve been looking for a spot to insert him in the game and do some certain things with him, the things that he knows well. … We feel like in certain situations, he could help us.”

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