Cultural change needed to improve education in Mississippi

Philosophical reflection is a foundation from which enterprising solutions often sprout.

But, notwithstanding the inviting nature and relative safety of abstract thought, it is often necessary to concede weaknesses from an objective standpoint, understanding that brutal honesty can produce positive results.

Last Tuesday evening, while enjoying dinner, our group’s conversation turned to the state of education in Mississippi. Surrounded by visiting surgeons, attorneys and lawmakers, a seldom spoken moment of honesty regarding our public education system grew to dominate the night’s discussion.

Some argued that more money was the “magic-bullet” to our education ills, representing the politically popular opinion that additional funding would provide needed opportunity. Others insisted that educational reforms (e.g., charter schools, consolidation, merit pay) were more important than funding, and a few simply waffled back and forth between the contrasting positions.

Sen. Chris McDaniel
Laurel Leader Call