Cutcliffe faces difficult challenge at Duke

Since he agreed to take on the nation’s toughest rebuilding project, Duke coach David Cutcliffe has emphasized the need for his players to finish everything together in any setting.
On the field.
In the classroom.
Even at the campus dump.

“During our community service, we all had to pick up trash around campus,” junior defensive tackle Vince Oghobaase said. “At the end of our community service, we all took trash bags to the dumpster and dumped them in there at the same time, so we all finished community service together.”
Consider that a metaphor for the challenge that awaits Cutcliffe as he attempts to revive a Duke program that would like to toss its past few seasons – heck, maybe even its past few decades – in the trash bin.
Cutcliffe, who was Tennessee’s offensive coordinator when Duke hired him, already proved in his last head-coaching stint that he knew how to rejuvenate a program. Ole Miss went 44-29 and reached four bowls in six seasons under Cutcliffe. The Rebels have gone 10-25 with no bowls in the three seasons since his departure.