Editor Fired Following Harassment Accusation

The gathering, Marc Smirnoff said, was intended as a morale-boosting retreat for his staff at The Oxford American magazine, a July 4 overnight party at a mountain cabin that would fuel the creative intellect.

But things quickly went awry, beginning at night when Mr. Smirnoff berated young staff members playing drinking games, and continuing the next morning when he exploded in anger at a 19-year-old intern, then insisted that she ride home alone with him, asking her to hold his hand and accompany him to his favorite “make-out spot.”

Mr. Smirnoff founded The Oxford American in 1992, nurturing it with quirky, intellectual writing that promised to help revive the great Southern literary tradition, helped by writers like Richard Ford, J. E. Pitts and Roy Blount Jr. Over two decades Mr. Smirnoff became as closely associated with The Oxford American as Jann Wenner is with Rolling Stone.

New York Times