Mississippi Prefers Pork to Tea

McDaniel is a state senator and former radio talk show host who has emerged as the most formidable challenger to an incumbent Republican in a Senate primary this year. But the right-winger, backed by outside groups including the Club For Growth, is starting to see his campaign fizzle as Mississippi’s June 3 primary approaches. His career as a talk radio host has provided him with easy access to a microphone from which to spout controversial comments on the airwaves bit by bit by bit.

His latest misstep was a long open letter to the Mississippi Libertarian Party where he apologized for comments he made on the radio where he suggested the essence of libertarianism was getting a discount on a hooker and crack at 7-Eleven. In doing so, McDaniel touted his libertarian bona fides, which included voting against requiring an ID to buy pseudoephedrine, one of the key ingredients used to make meth, as well as against a ban on texting while driving and introducing legislation that allows parents to avoid vaccinating their children.

Daily Beast