Daily Journal agrees to Dickie Scruggs interview, as long as there are no bribe questions

OXFORD – Dick Scruggs awaits what he calls “the gun lap” – his final stint in federal prison.

Reviled by many as the kingpin of Mississippi’s most notorious legal scandal six years ago, he says he’s found a new life from the darkness of shame and drug abuse.

Sixty-six-year-old Scruggs spoke with the Daily Journal, his first news media interview since his November 2007 arrest on federal charges he conspired to bribe Circuit Judge Henry L. Lackey of Calhoun City, who presided over a legal-fees lawsuit against Scruggs and others.

Seated on the rear patio of his beautifully appointed Oxford home, he seemed comfortable talking about his life since his two bribery convictions, although he said he “wasn’t ready yet” to go over their details.

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal