DAILY JOURNAL: OUR OPINION: Legislature shoving state board aside

The Mississippi Legislature continues its election-year stampede toward imposing its micro-managing will on the Mississippi Board of Education, constitutionally empowered to govern and administer the statewide public school system.

Last week, in a rushed vote with virtually no intra-committee debate and questioning, the Senate Education Committee approved legislation to establish a 27-member commission to advise the state board on developing academic standards for Mississippi school districts.

The legislation, which Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves has hailed as a move away from the Common Core state standards in Mississippi, must pass the House and gain a gubernatorial signature, but it would give the Mississippi Commission on College and Career Readiness until July 1, 2016, to make its recommendations. Since 2010, local school districts, at the direction of the state board, have been working to implement the Common Core academic standards, which the board now refers to as Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards.

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