Daily Leader – Our Viewpoint: Too many questions in charter school bill

Generally speaking, school choice should be a good thing. As a state, we should want our children to get the best education possible, even if that is somewhere other than a traditional, public school.

More students will have more choices after the Senate voted on a bill that would allow students in school districts with academic ratings of C, D or F to cross district lines to attend charter schools elsewhere in the state. The state’s current charter school law says only students from within a public school district could enroll in a charter school there.

In other words, the students had to be from the public school district where the charter school is located. The new measure allows students to cross district lines to attend a charter school if their school district is rated a C, D or F…

…With no evidence that charter schools in Mississippi outperform traditional public schools (there’s only a few in Jackson), the bill passed this week is premature. There are still too many questions left to answer

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