Grandiosity Wins The Day: Reporter Is 2K Shy Of Funding Goal

As we’ve reported, the funding is for a mystery story he won’t discuss. And still, the money keeps coming.

In a letter to what looks like several hundred close friends three weeks, Johnson opens up about what’s happening in his life – and also asks for financial support for his mystery story. He and his wife, Berna, recently moved to Fresno for her job as a pharmacist. Johnson, who has written for The Daily Caller in the past, has a new website, Got News, that he doesn’t mention outright in the letter. Instead, he mentions a research firm he’s starting, called CCJ Strategies, as well as a book on the history of opposition research for a “major publisher.” Johnson has been slammed in recent days for writing about a Mississippi pastor who claims Sen. Thad Cochran (R) paid thousands of African Americans $15 for their votes. Johnson paid the purported pastor for the info. Cochran has denied the accusation.

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