Dan Moreland qualified to run for Mayor of Starkville as a Republican today at the Starkville City Hall. Dan’s decision to run is largely due to the fact that Starkville has become one of the most unfriendly business communities in the state due to regulations. “We are riddled with a checklist of regulatory ordinances that assures small businesses will not set up shop in Starkville and that checklist is growing under the current administration,” Dan said.

Dan currently owns Moreland Inc., a leasing properties business that includes commercial and residential real estate, and is the Chairman of the Starkville Parks Commission Board. Dan’s previous public service experience includes serving as an elected judge for 15 years and serving on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Board during the Fordice Administration.

Dan is married to Sherry Pittman Moreland and has three daughters, Blair, Kim, and Kate. Dan and Sherry attend Meadowview Baptist Church.

You can learn more about Dan Moreland and his campaign for Mayor by visiting his website at