Dan Mullen should Confirm or Deny Something About Cam Newton. Anything.

Everything we find out about just makes things more mysterious. Roll Bama Roll has a few ideas.

“Having said that, I can think of two scenarios that could possibly make both stories mesh: (1) MSU was not aware of the conversations until after their second report in July, or (2) MSU went over the SEC office and submitted it all straight to the NCAA (and that, I think, is a violation of SEC bylaws in its own right). Are either of those two things likely to have happened? Your guess is as good as mine.”

I’m not sure if it’s a bylaw or an order from Mike Slive, but the basic point is absolutely correct: All reports are now supposed to go to the NCAA through the SEC office. I find scenario (1) incredibly difficult to believe, but I think there’s a way to square the circle in scenario (2): The original report from Mississippi State caused an NCAA investigation, which State then cooperated with and included the new information, which likely would not break the SEC’s rules.