Republican Dennis speaks on “business know-how”

This week Dave Dennis for Governor launched its first radio spot across Mississippi. The 60-second commercial features Dave Dennis discussing his business know-how, the importance of job creation, his family and his desire to keep Mississippi moving in the right direction as a great place to live and work.

“Governor Barbour has changed the dynamic for job creation in Mississippi. I have the business know-how to keep Mississippi moving in the right direction,” Dennis said of the radio spot’s message.

Dave Dennis for Governor campaign manager Brian Perry said, “This radio piece follows the themes of our television spots: Dave Dennis is a conservative Republican businessman with job creation experience who will cut waste and keep taxes low in Mississippi.”

The radio commercial can be heard online: http://davedenn.is/DD4GRadio


Hi, I’m Dave Dennis, I’m the conservative businessman running for governor. I don’t have millions of dollars in special interest money like the professional politicians, but what I do have is business know-how and a desire to keep Mississippi moving in the right direction.

When Haley came into office he ran our state like a business and people began to see us differently. Businesses wanted to come here and new families found out what my family already knows: Mississippi is a great place to live and work. My wife Jane and I have two great kids and for the last 34 years our businesses have created hundreds of jobs in Mississippi.

Creating jobs, cutting waste, and keeping taxes low helps everybody in our state. I’m Dave Dennis. I’m a businessman, a conservative Republican, and I’d like to be your next governor.

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