Dennis: Mississippi needs leader with experience

Dennis also criticized Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican who also is running for governor, saying the state needs someone with business experience, “who has signed the front of a paycheck,” rather than a career politician.

The comment was one of several references to “career politicians” Dennis made during his address to local GOP members.

“The governor is the CEO, ambassador and the salesman for the state,” he said. “The government of Mississippi is a business. It has to be run like one.”

Highlighting his membership on state and regional business and economic development organizations, Dennis said he is well-qualified to lead the state’s economic development efforts. He indicated that he wants to lead the process of bringing new businesses in.

“When businesses want to come into state, they don’t need to be greeted by some gunslinger to tell them what they want to hear,” Dennis said, “it needs to be somebody who lives it.”

Enterprise Journal