DAVID DALLAS — Mississippi goes cray-cray for Gray

It’s bad, Democrats. Real bad. Let’s go ahead and get this point out of the way: it is about race. There is still a huge amount of distrust among whites and blacks throughout the state and it hurts the party.

“It has much to do with how districts have been gerrymandered over the years,” said political strategist, Robert Hooks, “Emotionally political parties in Mississippi are not Republican or Democrat. They are cut in an almost buffoonish way between blacks and whites.”

The standard bearer and probably the wealthiest Democrat in our state is 2nd Congressional District Representative, Bennie Thompson. Wielding enormous power and influence, Thompson is the last standing old southern-style political boss. He has does little to help bring whites and blacks together and has been accused of crushing forward-thinking progressive candidates in the Democratic party, both white and black.

David Dallas