David Landrum Defends Voting Record

According to this voter profile report, David Landrum, who’s running against Rounsaville and others in the 3rd congressional district race, voted in the statewide election in November of 2007. At issue is whether Landrum voted in prior elections. Landrum explains it this way: “Because we weren’t registered correctly, we voted in 2003 for the statewide election in Hinds County by affidavit ballot.”

To prove he voted, Landrum’s campaign had released a 2003 affidavit ballot with Landrum’s signature. Landrum has now admitted it was not his and that he didn’t see the signature before it was released.

So, what happened to his voting records? Attorney Dale Danks referred to an affidavit which states that around February 22 a member of the Charlie Ross campaign went to the Hinds County Election Commission with a scanner to make copies of the 2003 Republican primary election records. The affidavit further states that one day later, Pete Perry, treasurer for the John Rounsaville campaign, examined the records. When they left, the records were in such disarray or misplaced to the extent that it would be very difficult for anybody else to go in and try to locate something out of millions of pieces of paper.

Pete Perry told WLBT he did not remove any records and claims there were others going through them before and after he left. Connie Cochran with the Hinds County Election Commission says there is no evidence that any documents are missing.