David McRae Announces Campaign for State Treasurer

Ridgeland resident David McRae announced his candidacy for State Treasurer this morning on the south side steps of the Mississippi Capitol. Joining him at the announcement were his wife Katie, their two children, and some friends and supporters.

McRae said, “Like you, I am alarmed and outraged at the corruption in our state government. Each day it seems we read a new story about bribes, kickbacks, back room deals and incompetence from those we entrusted with our tax dollars. Sadly, the politicians in Jackson are becoming just as bad as those in Washington.

“That’s why I’m announcing my candidacy for State Treasurer today. We need a reformer from outside government to come in and clean up this mess. We have to root out the waste, fraud and abuse and start protecting Mississippi taxpayers.

“I look forward over the coming weeks and months to visiting with voters around the state, to sitting down with newspaper editorial boards and other media outlets, as we unveil more details about our agenda to reform state government and better safeguard our tax dollars.”

Following the event, McRae filed qualifying papers at the Mississippi Republican Party to make his campaign for State Treasurer official. McRae will soon begin traveling across Mississippi to campaign for Republican primary votes and will begin releasing more details about his reform agenda.

David McRae Campaign Release