David Rader Choosing Between Ole Miss and Congress

Word broke last night that former Alabama assistant Dave Rader was set to become the new offensive coordinator at Ole Miss but that seems a tad premature now. Just ask Jim Boeheim, anything premature is bad. The position opened up when Kent Austin took the head coaching job at Cornell leaving Houston Nutt with a hole in his staff only less than a week before signing day. Rader was a logical choice because of his familiarity with SEC football from his time at Alabama under Mike Shula; he also brings 11 years of head coaching experience from his time at Tulsa. One heck of a slam dunk candidate for offensive coordinator but it might not be that simple.
It seems that Rader has remained quite popular in the Tulsa area, so popular that a group of Oklahomans are pushing for him to run for a seat in the US House of Representatives. The movement’s website is home a to petition to convince Rader to run, which Mississippi State fans are probably all signing now to make him think twice about coming to Oxford or at least create indecision to confuse a few recruits they are battling over.
“I am convinced that I am supposed to be involved in an elective office at some point,” Rader told the Tulsa Beacon.