Davis: Cochran is Mississippi’s statesman

It’s okay to disagree. Our Founding Fathers encouraged debate in the system they set up. They made it intentionally difficult for a bill to become a law. Discussing ideas, working together to find a solution and, dare I say, finding a compromise in some instances is what made our country great for so many years. In my lifetime President Reagan worked with Speaker O’Neill, President George H. W. Bush worked with Speaker Foley and President Clinton worked with Speaker Gingrich. They did not always agree, but they were willing to sit down at the table in an attempt to solve problems.

At the risk of being ostracized by some in my party, I do not look at those on the other side of the aisle as enemies. I believe the majority of them to be good people; however in areas of social issues and fiscal policy we just have a fundamental philosophical disagreement on the role of government. That’s okay. The idea is to compromise without compromising on your principles.

This lesson was taught to me when I worked for Senator Thad Cochran. Senator Cochran was Mississippi’s first statewide Republican elected official. He did what many said could never be done. He took the risk, made the sacrifice and blazed the trail.

Doug Davis