While Mississippi voters have been worrying about the safety of their retirement accounts, the escalating cost of gas, and the cost of feeding their families, Travis Childers was being shepherded around Washington to cocktail party fundraisers by embattled Democratic leader and Wall Street bailout champion Barney Frank.

Today, Greg Davis made the following statement on fundraising:

“I guess I should not be surprised that despite pledging to go to Washington to fight for Mississippi values, Travis Childers went to Washington and almost immediately began using Massachusetts’ most liberal Congressman, Barney Frank, to gain access to donations from Political Action Committees. Childers has cashed checks from failed firms on Wall Street, Fannie Mae, convicted trial lawyers, and Nancy Pelosi. At this point, almost 80% of the money that Travis has raised for his run for Congress has come from PACs.”

“PACs have deep pockets, and running a campaign for Congress is expensive. But we are proud to say that at this point, we have been able to use individual campaign donations at a rate of almost 4 to 1 to pay for our campaign. Instead of feeling obligated to big business and Nancy Pelosi, we will be carrying the message of conservative voters and their values to Washington.”

Greg Davis Press Release