Republicans Seek a Vote on Drilling-Democrats Continue to Vacation

Republican candidate for congress, Greg Davis addressing a group of local citizens, reaffirmed his disappointment in democrats for calling a halt to the 110st Congress, while heralding republicans for remaining and pushing for session to reconvene.

“This country is in the middle of an energy crisis and democrats vote to discontinue doing the business of the people and instead go on summer break,” Davis said. “Mississippi families are suffering from the high costs of fuel and Congressman Childers goes on vacation,” he continued. “Attending a campaign fundraiser in Tennessee at the Pickwick Lake Yacht Club appears to be more important to Childers than remaining in D.C. to fight for the people of Mississippi’s First District,” Davis surmised.

In Childers’ first 90 days on the job he voted to defeat bill after bill that would decrease dependency on foreign oil and provide relief at the pump. “Imagine what he would do if serving a full term in congress. It’s a frightening thought since he is already ignoring those he serves and is instead towing Nancy Pelosi’s party line. It appears the ‘progress before politics’ we heard time and time again from Childers during the campaign, were merely words,” Davis told the group.

Trying to paint himself as a moderate democrat will prove difficult in the days to come since Congressman Childers has voted straight Democratic Party line 87% of the time. In addition, Childers’ FEC report reveals he has accepted contributions from some of the most liberal members of congress including Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi.

Davis closed by saying, “ If I have the honor to serve as the United States Congressman from Mississippi’s First District, I will give a strong voice to the overwhelming majority of families whose voice, is currently nonexistent.”

Greg Davis Campaign Release