The House has wasted no time moving bills along in the 2018 Legislative Session. On just Day 2 of 90 the House Ways and Means Committee voted to pass a package of roads and bridges bills including HB357 and HB358.

Each bill addresses the issue of reconstruction to roads and bridges across the state.


This bill will enact state general obligation bonds that assist municipalities and counties with bridge improvements. These monies will go to the costs associated with any repair, replacement, or general construction required for bridges, including those on state highways that are maintained by counties.


Last year it was referred to the “Internet Sales Tax” bill. This year’s bill would require a portion of tax revenue collected from taxpayers that are making sales within the state without a physical residence be submitted to the general fund. An amount on $50M that does not exceed $250M would be distributed to the reconstruction of roads and bridges in the state.

Just moments later the Appropriations Committee on the House side met, making a vote YES to push HB355 forward which would remove the Mississippi Department of Transportation from the State Personnel Board.


The bill would allow MDOT to be exempt from the boards rules, regulations and procedures.

Wrapping up the end of the day for the House the Transportation Committee began discussions on HB359, the New Road Moratorium bill. Some amendments were made before agreement in the committee.


This bill will require state road construction suspended if a right-of-way is not available. This includes state highways.