Day after election Dist. Supervisor fires employee who ran against him

LAUREL — Five Jones County employees claim they are the victims of election fall-out after District 4 Supervisor Andy Dial fired them Wednesday.

The firings came a day after Dial won re-election to the post he has held for 16 years. One of those released from the job was Dial’s opponent in Tuesday’s election — David Scruggs. All terminated employees worked on District 4’s road crew.

“He called us into a meeting this morning,” said Scruggs on Wednesday. “He called us all in the back and said ‘David, Richard, Toxie, Danny and Tommy, y’all been wanting a change and I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to be nice and pay you for today and tomorrow,’” Scruggs said Dial told them and added, “‘You can resign now or be terminated. If you resign, it won’t go on your record.’”

In addition to Scruggs, those fired were Scrugg’s uncle, Toxie Crosby; cousins Richard and Tommy Creel, and Danny Shows. Scruggs said he figured he would be terminated, but he never thought Dial would fire the others.

He pointed out that Crosby is his uncle, while the others are friends and associates.

“I guess I pretty much was expecting him to get rid of me and Toxie, but not the others,” continued Scruggs. “This isn’t the first time Andy fired me and Toxie, though.”

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